The cleanest fuel available in a large scale today


Molgas Energy

Molgas Energy Holding supports the UN Sustainability goals and have a commitment to contribute to reach the goals specifically within energy, climate, and environment.

Natural gas is the cleanest fuel available in a large scale today, and by converting from oil to natural gas - the emissions of greenhouse gases can potentially be reduced by up to 40 %, whilst local pollution is almost eliminated.

Natural gas is also a facilitator for renewable gases like biogas, synthetic/renewable LNG (which can seamlessly be blended) and ammonia.

When it comes to shipping, an increasingly number of newbuilds are powered by LNG/Batteries and are also classified as ammonia ready. These ships will significantly reduce harmful emissions today and are prepared to go zero when renewable fuels are more available to the market.


Zero emission

The journey to a Zero emission society begins with LNG today