Small scale LNG. Leader with over 20 years of experience.

Molgas Energy is a leading European small scale gas company with more than 30 years of experience. We are now prepared to help our customers in the energy transition to net zero emissions of greenhouse gases by utilizing more renewable gases

30+ years of combined LNG experience;

A long history of innovation, safety and growth

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About Us

A leading company "with more than 20 years experience"

Molgas Energy is a leader in the energy service sector for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for industrial, cogeneration, vehicular and maritime applications among others. We help you improve your business, save on your energy bills and of course reduce your environmental impact.

20 years in the sector, a sustained and continued growth in activity throughout Europe, as well as the value chain of the product (LNG) speak for the experience of Molgas Energy.

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We have leadership position on each of the 3 major LNG small-scale applications

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Industrial & Cogeneration

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MOLGAS, a culture of safety

Has the commitment of Prevent and Reduce the risks of serious accidents, as far as is practically possible, as part of its strategy, to avoid personal injuries and environmental damages. Our goal "zero accidents“, “zero vents”.

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Natural gas is the cleanest fuel available in a large scale today

Molgas Energy Holding supports the UN Sustainability goals and have a commitment to contribute to reach the goals specifically within energy, climate, and environment.

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Where we operate

We operate in 10 countries and have ability to address the entire European footprint


  • Sourcing contracts in 12 European large scale LNG terminals
  • Proprietary LNG supply points with 2 liquefaction plants and 1 LNG small-scale import terminal in Norway
  • Presence in 10 countries
  • Ability to provide competitive solutions across the continent
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